Tangent Wave Booster 2

Give SUPER POWERS to your Tangent Panels and MIDI Controllers when using Davinci Resolve.

Tangent Wave Booster 2

Give SUPER POWERS to your Tangent Panels and MIDI Controllers when using Davinci Resolve.

To buy TWB2 you have to scan the QR Code above or click on it and make a payment of $99,00 with your email. You will receive the link to download the software on your email. Or you can download or DEMO version clicking here.

Para comprar o TWB2 escaneie ou clique no QR code e faça um pagamento no valor de R$397,00 com seu email. Você receberá um link para download do software no seu email. Ou você pode baixar nossa versão DEMO clicando aqui.

What it is and how it work

With TWB 2 you gonna have almost complete control of almost every tool in Davinci Resolve. It will make your life editing and coloring on Davinci way faster and easier.


Tangent Panels has a very limited support for Davinci Resolve these days and there’s no signal that Blackmagic will do something about this, because we know, they want sell their panels. So I created TWB that gives your Tangent Panel a lot more control over Davinci Resolve than the original support.


You can use TWB 2 for video edition and color grading. On Davinci Resolve Edit Page you can control and edit on your timeline, change parameters on inspector panel, choose between different tools, copy, cut, paste, paste attributes, control the speed, move and replace clips, add transitions, and the list goes one. In fact, you gonna have more functions on Davinci Resolve Edit Page using a Tangent Panel with TWB than using the BMD Speed Editor.


On color page, of course the things are even greater. You will have complete control of almost any color panel, nodes, timeline, scopes, clips and much more. Everything well organized and very intuitive.


With TWB 2 you gonna get a documentation where you can find the name of each function called on the software, so if you have any other MIDI Controller with a mapping software and OSC support, you can assign the functions for your controller and it will work with TWB 2! So, TWB 2 can be used with Tangent Panels and any other MID Controller with OSC support!


You can download for free our demo version and try some of the functions (most of the controls will not work on demo version).

How to install and start using

Complete presentation

How to setup another resolution

Update log

All the videos above was made with the version 2.2 of Tangent Wave Booster 2. Below you have all the videos with all the changes in each update.

Latest TWB 2 Version is: 2.4

- TWB screen now resize with different DPI/Resolution Scales.
- Added native support for more resolutions.
- Implemented a new tool (BETA) to auto-setup the positions of the elements on the screen. Now you only need setup manually just a few things and there's a auto-guided method for this. You don't need goes and back to TWB and press the buttons to setup each position.
- Bug fixed: When you move knobs too slow the field sometimes was selected and the tool stop to working. Now the code keeps the Enter Key pressed when you are moving the knobs and this prevents that behavior/bug.
- Bug Fixed: When your scopes window are on a second screen or floating instead fixed on the Davinci UI, when you was using the control panel to change the scopes, it wasn't working because it closes the scopes window every time you choose some option. Now it will works fine, you just need check the checkbox on TWB to let TWB knows that your window is floating.
- Added a new non-default shortcuts on Davinci keyboard shortcuts:
- Ctrl + O - Label node name of the selected node.
- Added a function for label node name the selected node - /labelNode.
- Some improvements on the loadPositions() function and res_dpi_scale.ini file.
- Created a combobox so user can choose how his Davinci Resolve UI layout looks like:
- "NORMAL" is when the Davinci Resolve layout has 3 groups of panels on color page (camera raw, color checker, primaries and etc + Curves, Warper, Qualifier and etc + Keyframes, waveform and info)
- "CONDENSED" is when the Davinci Resolve layout has 2 groups of panels on color page (camera raw, color checker, primaries and etc + Keyframes, waveform and info)
- "WIDE"is when the Davinci Resolve is the same of NORMAL but is way wider (when you use big resolutions with smaller windows scale like 100% or 125% normally). In this layout the Qualifier tools doesn't has Matte Finess pages 1 and 2, it has all the Matte Finess tools in the same place.
- Some changes on the code for the different layouts of Davinci Resolve.
- Created a combobox so user can choose between 3 types of hashs for different resolutions/scales. If you choose 1 and the custom curves is not working, just choose one of the other hashs (2 or 3) until it work.
- A new file for Custom Curves Hash (custom_curves_hashs.ini). Now it only has 3 types of hashs and the use don't need add more hashs when creating different types of resolutions/scale. Just need choose on TWB between the 3 modes.
- Some changes on the resolution.ini file.
- Added the address.ini files with the address of each button on Davinci UI.

- TWB UI updated.
- New default positions of some UI elements updated after the Davinci Resolve 17.4 update.
- Matte Finesse panel, variables and other stuffs changed to the new UI of Davinci Resolve 17.4.
- 3 new shortcuts on F5, F6 and F7 buttons to toggle on/off the Timeline View Options: Stacked Timeline, Subtitle tracks and Audio Waveforms.
- New knob on Edit Mode to control Monitoring Volume.
- New Middle Trackball now navigate between clips on Edit Mode.
- Wave and Elements Tangent Map updated with the new functions.

- Added the mapping for the Tangent Element Panel and Element VS App.
- _toggleTimelineThumbMode function name fixed the missing "e" on "Timeline".
- Added a new function that can be used to navigate left or right the HDR Wheels using a Knob or Jog Wheel instead pressing buttons.
- Added 3 new functions to reset custom curves on knobs instead buttons (the buttons functions still existing in case that someone want use it). Did this so I could free 3 slots on buttons and put the new functions for Copy Curves.
- Added 5 new functions to copy curves.
- Added 4 new functions to reset each HSL and RGB Qualifier on knobs instead buttons (the buttons functions still existing in case that someone want use it). Did this so I could free 4 slots on buttons and put all the new functions for Qualifier Color Presets.
- Added 9 new non-default shortcuts on Davinci keyboard shortcuts for Qualifier Color Presets:
- Ctrl + Shift + Q - Create a Six Vector Blue Qualifier;
- Ctrl + Shift + E - Create a Six Vector Cyan Qualifier;
- Ctrl + Shift + Y - Create a Six Vector Green Qualifier;
- Ctrl + Shift + U - Create a Six Vector Magenta Qualifier;
- Ctrl + Shift + G - Create a Six Vector Red Qualifier;
- Ctrl + Shift + J - Create a Six Vector Yellow Qualifier;
- Ctrl + Shift + K - Create a Chroma Dark Qualifier;
- Ctrl + Shift + B - Create a Chroma Light Qualifier;
- Ctrl + Shift + M - Create a Chroma Dark and Light Qualifier.
- Added 9 new functions for Qualifier Color Presets.

- Change on Tangent Map on Edit Mode. Some knobs and buttons changed places.
- Right and left expander changed for Knobs.
- Trim mode and Dynamic Trim mode changed for buttons.
- Changed the Delete and Backspace buttons for the buttons on top of the Middle Jog - In all modes you have Backspace on the Left Button of the Middle Jog and Delete on the Right Button of the Middle Jog, except on HDR Mode that the Left Button is to reset Min/Max Range (but you still having Delete option on the Right Button).
- Changed the Retime functions for two buttons (old Delet and Backspace).
- All the Edit Interface buttons now are on First Bank pressing the alt key instead the second bank which now has the Insert Clip on Timeline functions buttons.
- Change on Tangent Map HDR Mode where some reset buttons changed places.
- Added some functions on Tangent Map for Elements VS extra panel using a tablet.
- Created a function to check only if it is on edit page without open the inspector.
- F-Keys now are different on Edit Mode and Color Mode. For Color Mode they keep as before, but on Edit Mode we have new functions from F1 to F7 (F8 and F9 still all modes the same). Now you select tools using the F1 to F4 keys and F5, F6 and F7 are free to be used in the future for more useful tools.

- Added the function - _enableDisableAllNodes.
- Correction on Tangent Mapping, added the jog wheels for the Primaries Bars mode.
- Donation links updated.
- Added the possibility of add a behavior on the left and right button over the jog wheels. (thx Javier for the Protokol!)
- Tangent Map updated. Resets for Min/Max Range and Falloff on HDR Mode was removed because now you can reset pressing the left button on top of the jog wheel.
- Added copy, paste, cut and paste attributes for all modes on the first jog buttons (Left = Copy / Alt + left = Cut / Right = Paste / Alt + Right = Paste Attributes) - It not works when you on mouse emulation mode.
- Updated the Tangent Map with these functions above.
- All Jog Wheels and Trackball functions updated with the new Data == 0 option so you can assign behaviors for the left/right buttons over the Jog Wheels.
- Updates on UX changing some functions on Inspector Mode of Tangent Map.
- Updates on UX changing some functions on arrows and F-Keys.
- Added a function that toggle between Timeline Thumbnail modes Rec Mode A our Source Mode C.
- Updated the Tangent Map on the HDR Wheels bringing the Turn on/off and Show/Hide buttons for the zones to the third bank buttons, so we can keep the color interface buttons always on second page doesn' matter what color mode you are.

- A bug that causes strange behavior on inspector window and wrong save state on windows_status.ini was noted and fixed.
- A bug where use some Matte Finesse didn't change correctly the panel to Qualifier and back for other panels was noted and fixed.
- Fixed an mistake where some positions was wrong in some resolutions.
- Fixed the problem where clicking on the first clip on media pool when open the media pool prevents you from navigate through clips. Now it clicks on a empty space on media pool and you can navigate through clips. The position variable for this was changed from pos_first_media_pool_clip to pos_media_pool_empty_space.
- Minor UX change on EDIT Mode mapping.
- Functions documentation created.

- Nodes menu transfered from dots to the actual menu.
- Added reset buttons for Max/Min Range and Falloff on HDR Panels.

- Some minor bugs corrections.
- Removed the duplicate of Scopes Button from scopes tab.
- Added the functions for Key Frames on the inspector panel and the mapping for these on the Mapper Software.
- Some minor corrections of UX on the Mapper Software (edit and inspector).
- Hashs for all resolutions added

- Key Panel functions created and working.
- Motion Effects Panel functions created and working.
- Qualifier Panel functions created and Working.
- Qualifier Matte Finesse Panel functions created and Working.
- Minimize to tray and change icon color when the software is running or paused.
- Added the _changePageSleepTime that sets a delay to start controling a tool after change the Davinci Page. This should be 0 if your PC is fast. But if your PC takes a while to change from one page to another, you should set this for one or more seconds to prevent bugs. 1 second = 1000.
- New shortcuts for F-Keys so you can have easy access for important shotcuts on these keys.
- The nodes functions that where in F-Keys now are in a mode called Nodes and Scopes, that will have all the node shortcuts and selection of the Scopes. Did that because most of the colorists use a fixed node tree so you don't need create nodes all the time like you need all the shortcuts that are in F-Keys now.
- Added shortcuts for Project Settings, Project Selection and Davinci Settings on Edit Mode.
- Added Scopes panel control in the same mode of Nodes. Pressing alt key on Nodes and Scopes mode you have the buttons to select what scope you want see and options to turn on/off Display Qualifier Focus and Low Pass Filter.
- Added Printer Lights Panel.
- Printer Lights functions created and working.
- Added fast navigation between clips on Color page using Alt + Middle Jog Wheel (you still can navigate clip by clip using left and right controls below the fourth jog wheel).
- Added Color Interface functions to control some stuffs like mouse cursor mode, image wipe, split screen, highlight and other stuffs from Color Page. These controllers are in the Buttons Bank 2 of each color control mode except HDR Wheels where it is the third bank.
- RGB Mixer panel functions created and working.
- Blur, Sharpen and Mist panel functions created and working.
- Power Windows panel functions created and working.
- Added some shortcuts for color mode:
- Alt + Up - Enable/Disable Selected Nodes - Davinci Resolve Default Shortcut: Ctrl + D
- Alt + Down - Bypass Color Grading - Davinci Resolve Default Shortcut: Shift + D
- Alt + F1 - Active Playhead A - Davinci Resolve NON-Default Shortcut: Shift + F1
- Alt + F2 - Active Playhead B - Davinci Resolve NON-Default Shortcut: Shift + F2
- Alt + F3 - Active Playhead C - Davinci Resolve NON-Default Shortcut: Shift + F3
- Alt + F4 - Active Playhead D - Davinci Resolve NON-Default Shortcut: Shift + F4
- Alt + F5 - Reset Playheads - Davinci Resolve NON-Default Shortcut: Shift + F5
- Alt + F7 - Ripple Node Changes to Selected Clips - Davinci Resolve NON-Default Shortcut: Shift + F7
- Reset Davinci layout and put everything in default options.
- Hue Curves Panels functions created and working.
- Implementation of the new system for the Custom Curves. Now it's possible identify and navigate trhough all the dots, create more dots and remove dots if you want. You can navigate through the dots using the third Jog Wheel and control them using the third Trackball.
- For the new Custom Curves system we have a new .ini file called custom_curves_hashs.ini where we gonna save each hash for each type of dot for each resoltion/scale. Each resolution/scale need to have 5 hashs: ALL and Y dots (use the same hash). Red, Green, Blue and the selected dot (use the same hash for any color mode).
- Curves Panels functions created and working.
- Added a debug function DisplayArray() that shows all the contento of an array that has var, x, y format.
- Log Wheels Panel functions created and working.
- Primaries Bars Panel functions created and working.
- In Color mode you can use Alternate + Inch Reverse Key to Reset All Node Grades and Alternate + Inch Forward Key to Reset Node Grade.
- Primaries Wheels Panel functions created and working.
- Node navigation using Alternate + Fourth Jog Wheel.
- Thumbnail navigation using Alternate + First Jog Wheel.
- Mouse emulation now can be activated using F8 Key (for right trackball) and Alternate + F8 (for left trackball) Key on panel - The circle and dot buttons over the jog wheel are the left and right mouse buttons.
- In any mode you can use F9 Key on panel to navigate fast through the modes.
- In any mode you can use Alternate + F9 Key to start/stop TWB, so you can go out Davinci Screen without the controller click or move the mouse when you don't want that.
- In any mode you can use Alternate + Play Key to Redo and Alternate + Reverse Play Key to Undo.
- In any mode you can use Alternate + Stop Key to save the project.

- Software code all redesigned from start.
- New OSC controls by Tangent Mapper.
- OSC comunication implemented.
- New GUI.
- Complete revised UX on Tangent Map.
- Implemented the auto-change page/panel when using any tool.
- Implemented the auto-release any tool.
- Revised all the shortcuts and some positions of the controllers on Tangent Wave Mapper.
- Added support to be used with 2 or more screens setup since both monitors have the same resolution/dpi Scale.
- Added stop/restart software button function so you can stop the script when you need pressing F8.
- Save the latest status of each window on edit page on windows_status.ini.
- Default resolutions/dpi Scale added.
- Added the posibility of add your own resolution/dpi scale configuration.
- New position variables and resolution method. Now we have a external file with all the positions and there's no need to have the variables in the code.


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